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Sensory Bar
Price: €1,190.00 Exc VAT
Prince Regent's Walkway 'Six Sheets'
Price: €1,490.00 Exc VAT
Hold private meetings away from busy stands or simply use the room as a team base as a retreat to rest your weary feet. Allow visitors to try and test your product and show off your new textures at the Sensory Bar. Located at the East end of the ExCeL next to Prince Regent Station, these posters will be displayed to visitors as they make their way towards the venue.
East Entrance Pillar Wraps - SOLD
Price: €1,590.00 Exc VAT
Group e-newsletter
Price: €2,500.00 Exc VAT
This high impact opportunity allows you to target visitors before they reach the exhibition halls and reaffirm your message as they leave. Sent to over 70,000 in-cosmetics Group followers, your logo and message will be noticed by people who actively read our news.