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Attract Visitors To Your Stand

Important: These opportunities are only available to contracted exhibitors at in-cosmetics Global 2017. Any purchases made by non-exhibitors will be cancelled and refunded as per the terms and conditions of this store.
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Registration Area
Price: €29,000.00 Exc VAT
Innovation Zone Sponsorship - SOLD
Price: €18,600.00 Exc VAT
Aisle Marker Banners
Price: €15,000.00 Exc VAT
Exclusive sponsorship of the registration area - Every single visitor will be exposed to your brand as they enter and leave the show. Promote your company as the industry's leading innovator and be associated with the launch or the latest personal care innovations. Positioned higher than any other banner in the whole show, your brand is guaranteed to stand out to visitors, and raise your brand profile.
Visitor Badges - SOLD
Price: €12,500.00 Exc VAT
WiFi Zone Sponsorship - SOLD
Price: €10,300.00 Exc VAT
Full Hall Entrance Package
Price: €9,400.00 Exc VAT
Your logo and stand number featured on all visitor badges. Very popular with visitors, the WiFi Zone will feature your logo and branding, along with the online landing page where visitors will sign onto the WiFi. Increase your company visibility and make sure visitors spot you even before they enter the hall and see your competitors.
Mobile App Sponsorship - SOLD
Price: €8,900.00 Exc VAT
Official Online Silver Sponsor
Price: €5,450.00 Exc VAT
Exclusive 8-month sponsorship of the in-cosmetics Global App (Hyperlinked banner on the start screen, main menu and at the bottom or the top of all pages). Target visitors who are resting, having lunch or coffee, by displaying your logo and stand number in 8 seating areas available in the boulevard of ExCeL. Gain excellent brand exposure through a wide variety of digital channels. Save 15% off the price of purchasing the products individually with this Silver package.
Lower Hall Entrance Package
Price: €4,700.00 Exc VAT
Technical Seminar x1 and Webinar x1
Price: €4,595.00 Exc VAT
Choose where you would like your branding to display between the two lower entrance halls - Give the chance for visitors to spot you before they enter the hall Book a 2017 Innovation Seminar (max. 2 per exhibitor) and a webinar to widen your reach and by targeting all our visitors from the last 3 shows. Launching a new product? Re-branding? Get your message in front of thousands of visitors. Sponsor the in-cosmetics Global LiveWalls - in two prominent hall locations.
Lower Hall Entrance Package (S9)
Price: €4,200.00 Exc VAT
Price: €4,200.00 Exc VAT
Rigged Banners Above Aisles
Price: €4,050.00 Exc VAT
What am I buying?
  • 1x Rear Panel (12m wide x 4m high)
  • Available at S9 Hall entrance only – targeting all visitors using East entrance
What are the benefits?
  • High visibility: Increase your company visibility and make sure the visitors spot you even before they enter the hall and see your competitors
  • Brand Awareness: Enhance your brand awareness and stand out from the crowd
Be at the forefront of visitors' minds with an advert shown 1.2 million times. Provide us with your campaign adverts and we'll handle the rest. Your branding will be seen hanging high above the exhibition, broadcasting your location to the show floor.
Rigged Banner Above Stand
Price: €3,725.00 Exc VAT
Formulation Lab - SOLD
Price: €3,700.00 Exc VAT
'You Are Here' Boards
Price: €3,600.00 Exc VAT
Hanging high above your stand, your branding will be highly visible to all visitors, allowing you to make maximum new connections. Target Formulators, Bench Chemists and R&D professionals. Only open to R&D decision makers from brands. Book your place and receive your attendees details. Your branding will dominate a very popular "You Are Here" board which the visitors use to navigate their way around the show.
Mega Carpet Tiles (3m x 3m)
Price: €3,400.00 Exc VAT
Premium Carpet Tiles
Price: €2,400.00 Exc VAT
These eye-catching tiles will guide visitors straight to your stand. At 3m x 3m in size, they won't be missed! Strategically located at the front entrance, these Premium Carpet Tiles are designed to lead visitors to your stand and to boost your company profile. Give your new products the best chance to sell in the Innovation Zone which will display over 80 new products (no older than 6 months at time of show).
Distribution of Branded Giveaways
Price: €1,550.00 Exc VAT
Make-up Bar
Price: €1,190.00 Exc VAT
Personally reach out to visitors on the show floor by handing out your branded giveaways. Give your new product the best chance to sell in the Innovation Zone by adding a Formulation Display where visitors can physically test out your product. Demonstrate your expertise and help visitors identify innovative pigments and technologies to deliver captivating and trend-setting colour cosmetics products. Allow visitors to test your eye, skin, nail and lip make-up formulations and draw them to your stand.
Sensory Bar
Price: €1,190.00 Exc VAT
Digital Adverts at the Event
Price: €1,050.00 Exc VAT
Innovation Zone Box
Price: €870.00 Exc VAT
Allow visitors to try and test your product and show off your new textures at the Sensory Bar. Unmissable animated branding of all four educational theatres which receive between 100-200 visitors each on every hour. If you're launching a new product 6 months before the show or less, this is the perfect place to display it as visitors pass through the zone searching for new products.
Carpet Tiles (1m x 1m)
Price: €835.00 Exc VAT
Social Media & Blogs
Price: €500.00 Exc VAT
Catch visitors' attention and lead them straight to your stand with carpet tiles branded with your company name, logo and stand number. With a high number of followers who are actively interested in what we post via social media, your message will be seen by the right people. Sustainability continues to prove itself as a highly important topic amongst personal care professionals. Present educational sessions at the open theatre and display your sustainable product innovations.
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