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Your Email to our Database Sponsored Visitor Email Social Media
Social Media
Price: €500.00 Exc VAT
Send us your HTML email and we email it for you to your chosen in-cosmetics database segment to reach your exact target audience – it's as simple as that. Choose between two high-visibility options to expose your brand within our email communications to over 24,000 contacts. With a high number of followers who are actively interested in what we post via social media, your message will be seen by the right people.
Directory Listing Upgrades: Premium and Premium Plus Packages Digital Adverts at the Event Q&A Blog Interview
Digital Adverts at the Event
Price: €1,090.00 Exc VAT
Q&A Blog Interview
Price: €1,200.00 Exc VAT
Limited stock - Boost your online presence with eye-catching highlighted listings on the website and mobile app. Unmissable animated branding of all four educational theatres which receive between 100-200 visitors each on every hour. A unique opportunity to feature a question and answer session about the cosmetics industry or about your product/ brand on the high-traffic in-cosmetics blog.
Website Banners on in-cosmetics Global website Group e-newsletter Bronze Sponsorship Package
Group e-newsletter
Price: €1,875.00 Exc VAT
Bronze Sponsorship Package
Price: €2,600.00 Exc VAT
A hyperlinked banner in front of visitors to the in-cosmetics websites displayed to thousands of cosmetics professionals. Sent to over 70,000 in-cosmetics Group followers, your logo and message will be noticed by people who actively read our news. Gain brand exposure across various high-traffic channels. Save 10% off the price of purchasing the products individually with this Bronze Sponsorship Package.
Webinar & Online Conference Campaigns Remarketing Official Online Silver Sponsor
Webinar & Online Conference Campaigns
Price: €3,400.00 Exc VAT
Price: €4,200.00 Exc VAT
Official Online Silver Sponsor
Price: €4,575.00 Exc VAT
Widen your reach by presenting an Online Webinar to world-wide trade professional audiences by targeting all our visitors from the last 3 shows. Be at the forefront of visitors' minds with an advert shown 1.2 million times. Provide us with your campaign adverts and we'll handle the rest. Gain excellent brand exposure through a wide variety of digital channels. Save 15% off the price of purchasing the products individually with this Silver package.
Technical Seminar x1 and Webinar x1 Visitor Online Registration Mobile App Sponsorship
Technical Seminar x1 and Webinar x1
Price: €4,640.00 Exc VAT
Visitor Online Registration
Price: €8,750.00 Exc VAT
Mobile App Sponsorship
Price: €8,900.00 Exc VAT
Book a 2018 Technical Seminar (max. 2 per exhibitor) and a webinar to widen your reach and by targeting all our visitors from the last 3 shows. Your 430x170 banner advert on the visitor online registration pages, confirmation screen and email for in-cosmetics Global. Your banner advert will be live from when registration opens so we recommend you book early to get the highest possible advert views. Exclusive sponsorship of the in-cosmetics Global mobile app with pre-show and onsite promotion. in-cosmetics Global mobile app typically records 17,000 sessions/visits.