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Social Media & Blogs
Price: €500.00 Exc VAT
Promote your products, services, or brand to 480,000 annual in-cosmetics Global website visitors and generate pre-show leads. With a high number of followers who are actively interested in what we post via social media, your message will be seen by the right people. Limited stock - Boost your online presence with eye-catching highlighted listings on the website and mobile app.
Digital Adverts at the Event
Price: €1,050.00 Exc VAT
60-Second Q&A Blog Interview
Price: €1,200.00 Exc VAT
Sponsored Visitor Email
Price: €1,400.00 Exc VAT
Unmissable animated branding of all four educational theatres which receive between 100-200 visitors each on every hour. A unique opportunity to feature a question and answer session about the cosmetics industry or about your product/ brand on the high-traffic in-cosmetics blog. Choose between two high-visibility options to expose your brand within our email communications to over 24,000 contacts.
Your Email to our Database
Price: €1,500.00 Exc VAT
Group e-newsletter
Price: €2,500.00 Exc VAT
Send us your HTML email and we email it for you to your chosen in-cosmetics database segment to reach your exact target audience – it's as simple as that. Your 728x90 Leaderboard advert will be live to cosmetics manufacturers browsing the in-cosmetics Global website.

Choose between: Leaderboard banner above the product directory, or Leaderboard banner at the bottom of all pages of the in-cosmetics Global website.
Sent to over 70,000 in-cosmetics Group followers, your logo and message will be noticed by people who actively read our news.
Bronze Sponsorship Package
Price: €2,950.00 Exc VAT
Webinar & Online Conference Campaigns
Price: €3,400.00 Exc VAT
Price: €4,200.00 Exc VAT
Gain brand exposure across various high-traffic channels. Save 10% off the price of purchasing the products individually with this Bronze Sponsorship Package.
Widen your reach by presenting an Online Webinar to world-wide trade professional audiences by targeting all our visitors from the last 3 shows. Be at the forefront of visitors' minds with an advert shown 1.2 million times. Provide us with your campaign adverts and we'll handle the rest.
Technical Seminar x1 and Webinar x1
Price: €4,595.00 Exc VAT
Official Online Silver Sponsor
Price: €5,450.00 Exc VAT
Launching a new product? Re-branding? Get your message in front of thousands of visitors. Sponsor the in-cosmetics Global LiveWalls - in two prominent hall locations. Book a 2017 Innovation Seminar (max. 2 per exhibitor) and a webinar to widen your reach and by targeting all our visitors from the last 3 shows. Gain excellent brand exposure through a wide variety of digital channels. Save 15% off the price of purchasing the products individually with this Silver package.
Visitor Online Registration - SOLD
Price: €8,500.00 Exc VAT
Mobile App Sponsorship - SOLD
Price: €8,900.00 Exc VAT
Sponsorship of the Visitor Registration form used by 12,000+ visitors expected to register for the 2017 event. Exclusive 8-month sponsorship of the in-cosmetics Global App (Hyperlinked banner on the start screen, main menu and at the bottom or the top of all pages).