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Promotional Items

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Carpet Tiles (1m x 1m)
Price: €835.00 Exc VAT
Showcase your video, static advert, banner and/or logo to all visitors in a a high-traffic area. Exclusive sponsorship of the in-cosmetics Awards 2017. Your branding prominently displayed on Awards signage/communications before & during the event. Catch visitors' attention and lead them straight to your stand with carpet tiles branded with your company name, logo and stand number.
Distribution of Branded Giveaways
Price: €1,550.00 Exc VAT
Give your new product the best chance to sell in the Innovation Zone by adding a Formulation Display where visitors can physically test out your product. Your 728x90 Leaderboard advert will be live to cosmetics manufacturers browsing the in-cosmetics Global website.

Choose between: Leaderboard banner above the product directory, or Leaderboard banner at the bottom of all pages of the in-cosmetics Global website.
Personally reach out to visitors on the show floor by handing out your branded giveaways.
Formulation Lab - SOLD
Price: €3,700.00 Exc VAT
Branded Pens
Price: €5,100.00 Exc VAT
Give your new products the best chance to sell in the Innovation Zone which will display over 80 new products (no older than 6 months at time of show). Target Formulators, Bench Chemists and R&D professionals. Only open to R&D decision makers from brands. Book your place and receive your attendees details. Get your brand logo into the visitors' hands at the show and beyond.
Luggage Tag Sponsorship
Price: €6,200.00 Exc VAT
WiFi Zone Sponsorship - SOLD
Price: €10,300.00 Exc VAT
Lanyard Sponsorship - SOLD
Price: €12,500.00 Exc VAT
Your logo will travel the world on the suitcases of in-cosmetics Global visitors en route to the event. The luggage tags will exclusively feature your logo. Very popular with visitors, the WiFi Zone will feature your logo and branding, along with the online landing page where visitors will sign onto the WiFi. With your branding around the neck of almost 10,000 visitors, it's bound to get you noticed.
Visitor Badges - SOLD
Price: €12,500.00 Exc VAT
Carrier Bags - SOLD
Price: €13,500.00 Exc VAT
Your logo and stand number featured on all visitor badges. The official show carrier bags prominently displaying your branding will be carried around by visitors for the duration of the event. Essentially, a walking advertisement! Capture the attention of visitors looking for the latest ingredients and formulations techniques entering the popular Innovation Seminar theatres.
Registration Area
Price: €29,000.00 Exc VAT
Exclusive sponsorship of the registration area - Every single visitor will be exposed to your brand as they enter and leave the show.