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€10000 to €19999

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Branded Exterior Carpet

Unmissable branded exterior carpet tiles on the entry to the venue. Let your company welcome the visitors as they enter the in-cosmetics Global exhibition.

'You Are Here' Boards

Your branding will dominate a very popular "You Are Here" board which the visitors use to navigate their way around the show.

Price: €3,600.00 Exc VAT
Pocket Guide - SOLD

Our pocket guides are distributed free of charge to all visitors during the show, and your branding will be prominently featured on the cover.

Price: €11,000.00 Exc VAT
Lanyard Sponsorship - SOLD

With your branding around the neck of almost 10,000 visitors, it's bound to get you noticed.

Price: €12,500.00 Exc VAT
Visitor Badges - SOLD

Your logo and stand number featured on all visitor badges.

Price: €12,500.00 Exc VAT
Carrier Bags - SOLD

The official show carrier bags prominently displaying your branding will be carried around by visitors for the duration of the event. Essentially, a walking advertisement!

Price: €13,500.00 Exc VAT
Marketing Trends Theatre Sponsorship

The perfect opportunity to associate your brand with innovation & new industry trends. Hold daily keynote presentations plus receive exclusive branding opportunities.

Price: €16,000.00 Exc VAT
Technical Seminar Theatres Sponsorship - SOLD

Capture the attention of visitors looking for the latest ingredients and formulations techniques entering the popular Innovation Seminar theatres.

Price: €18,000.00 Exc VAT
Innovation Zone Sponsorship - SOLD

Promote your company as the industry's leading innovator and be associated with the launch or the latest personal care innovations.

Price: €18,600.00 Exc VAT