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€10000 to €19999

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'You Are Here' Boards 'You Are Here' Boards

Your branding (logo + stand number highlighted on floorplan)displayed on all the You Are Here boards which visitors use to find their way around the show. Choose from 1, 2 or 4 boards.

Price: €3,600.00 Exc VAT
Pocket Guide Pocket Guide

Your branding on 15,000 pocket guides  distributed free of charge to all visitors in the Registration Area. Logo & stand number on front cover and contents page, 3 adverts, stand highlighted in the floorplan and your company name highlighted in the Exhibitor List.

Price: €11,350.00 Exc VAT
Lanyard Sponsorship Lanyard Sponsorship

Your company branding on the official lanyards, handed out to visitors & exhibitors when they enter the event. The show team will produce 15,500 soft braid lanyards, with your company logo and URL printed on both sides.

Price: €12,900.00 Exc VAT
Visitor Badges Visitor Badges

Your logo, stand number & advert on all visitor badges – which all visitors need to enter the halls.

Price: €12,900.00 Exc VAT
Carrier Bags Carrier Bags

Your company branding printed on the 5,300 official show carrier bags given to visitors in Registration. The bags will be produced and distributed by the show team. Your company branding printed in colour on one side. Show branding on the other side.

Price: €13,800.00 Exc VAT
Marketing Trends Theatre Sponsorship Marketing Trends Theatre Sponsorship

The perfect opportunity to associate your brand with innovation & new industry trends. Hold daily keynote presentations plus receive exclusive branding opportunities.

Price: €16,500.00 Exc VAT
Branded Exterior / Walkway Carpet Branded Exterior / Walkway Carpet

Branding of your company and stand number on the exterior carpet to the main entrance to ensure optimal exposure and visibility.

Price: €18,000.00 Exc VAT
Technical Seminar Theatre Sponsorship Technical Seminar Theatre Sponsorship

Branding across the Technical Seminar Theatres, on outside and internal walls (posters or graphics), either side of the screen and holding slides, on pre-show and at show literature and distribution of your promotional material at entrance and your seminar(s).

Price: €18,000.00 Exc VAT
Innovation Zone Sponsorship Innovation Zone Sponsorship

Your exclusive company branding of the show’s most popular feature (visited by over 75% of visitors (on average) looking for new products) – at the show and online. Your product launches will be displayed in different coloured boxes to make them stand out on the show floor.  Includes 4 boxes.

Price: €18,500.00 Exc VAT