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Important: These opportunities are only available to contracted exhibitors at in-cosmetics Global 2017. Any purchases made by non-exhibitors will be cancelled and refunded as per the terms and conditions of this store.
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Registration Area

Exclusive sponsorship of the registration area - Every single visitor will be exposed to your brand as they enter and leave the show.

Price: €29,000.00 Exc VAT
Innovation Zone Sponsorship - SOLD

Promote your company as the industry's leading innovator and be associated with the launch or the latest personal care innovations.

Price: €18,600.00 Exc VAT
Technical Seminar Theatres Sponsorship - SOLD

Capture the attention of visitors looking for the latest ingredients and formulations techniques entering the popular Innovation Seminar theatres.

Price: €18,000.00 Exc VAT
Marketing Trends Theatre Sponsorship

The perfect opportunity to associate your brand with innovation & new industry trends. Hold daily keynote presentations plus receive exclusive branding opportunities.

Price: €16,000.00 Exc VAT
Aisle Marker Banners

Positioned higher than any other banner in the whole show, your brand is guaranteed to stand out to visitors, and raise your brand profile.

Price: €15,000.00 Exc VAT
Carrier Bags - SOLD

The official show carrier bags prominently displaying your branding will be carried around by visitors for the duration of the event. Essentially, a walking advertisement!

Price: €13,500.00 Exc VAT
Visitor Badges - SOLD

Your logo and stand number featured on all visitor badges.

Price: €12,500.00 Exc VAT
Lanyard Sponsorship - SOLD

With your branding around the neck of almost 10,000 visitors, it's bound to get you noticed.

Price: €12,500.00 Exc VAT
Pocket Guide - SOLD

Our pocket guides are distributed free of charge to all visitors during the show, and your branding will be prominently featured on the cover.

Price: €11,000.00 Exc VAT
WiFi Zone Sponsorship - SOLD

Very popular with visitors, the WiFi Zone will feature your logo and branding, along with the online landing page where visitors will sign onto the WiFi.

Price: €10,300.00 Exc VAT
Full Hall Entrance Package

Increase your company visibility and make sure visitors spot you even before they enter the hall and see your competitors.

Price: €9,400.00 Exc VAT
Mobile App Sponsorship - SOLD

Exclusive 8-month sponsorship of the in-cosmetics Global App (Hyperlinked banner on the start screen, main menu and at the bottom or the top of all pages).

Price: €8,900.00 Exc VAT
Visitor Online Registration - SOLD

Sponsorship of the Visitor Registration form used by 12,000+ visitors expected to register for the 2017 event.

Price: €8,500.00 Exc VAT
Visitor Information Leaflet - Exclusive Sponsorship

Your branding on the main Visitor Information Leaflet - 80,000+ free copies will be sent out before the event takes place.

Price: €7,500.00 Exc VAT
Luggage Tag Sponsorship

Your logo will travel the world on the suitcases of in-cosmetics Global visitors en route to the event. The luggage tags will exclusively feature your logo.

Price: €6,200.00 Exc VAT
Seating Area Sponsorship - ExCeL Boulevard

Target visitors who are resting, having lunch or coffee, by displaying your logo and stand number in 8 seating areas available in the boulevard of ExCeL.

Price: €5,500.00 Exc VAT
Official Online Silver Sponsor

Gain excellent brand exposure through a wide variety of digital channels. Save 15% off the price of purchasing the products individually with this Silver package.

Price: €5,450.00 Exc VAT
Western Podium Flags - SOLD

These six flags positioned outside the venue ensure that your brand is seen by visitors before they even enter the venue.

Price: €5,200.00 Exc VAT
Branded Pens

Get your brand logo into the visitors' hands at the show and beyond.

Price: €5,100.00 Exc VAT
Lower Hall Entrance Package

Choose where you would like your branding to display between the two lower entrance halls - Give the chance for visitors to spot you before they enter the hall

Price: €4,700.00 Exc VAT
Technical Seminar x1 and Webinar x1

Book a 2017 Innovation Seminar (max. 2 per exhibitor) and a webinar to widen your reach and by targeting all our visitors from the last 3 shows.

Price: €4,595.00 Exc VAT
Social Media Livewall - Exclusive Sponsorship

Launching a new product? Re-branding? Get your message in front of thousands of visitors. Sponsor the in-cosmetics Global LiveWalls - in two prominent hall locations.

Price: €4,500.00 Exc VAT
Lower Hall Entrance Package (S9)

What am I buying?
  • 1x Rear Panel (12m wide x 4m high)
  • Available at S9 Hall entrance only – targeting all visitors using East entrance
What are the benefits?
  • High visibility: Increase your company visibility and make sure the visitors spot you even before they enter the hall and see your competitors
  • Brand Awareness: Enhance your brand awareness and stand out from the crowd

Price: €4,200.00 Exc VAT

Be at the forefront of visitors' minds with an advert shown 1.2 million times. Provide us with your campaign adverts and we'll handle the rest.

Price: €4,200.00 Exc VAT
Rigged Banners Above Aisles

Your branding will be seen hanging high above the exhibition, broadcasting your location to the show floor.

Price: €4,050.00 Exc VAT
Rigged Banner Above Stand

Hanging high above your stand, your branding will be highly visible to all visitors, allowing you to make maximum new connections.

Price: €3,725.00 Exc VAT
Formulation Lab - SOLD

Target Formulators, Bench Chemists and R&D professionals. Only open to R&D decision makers from brands. Book your place and receive your attendees details.

Price: €3,700.00 Exc VAT
'You Are Here' Boards

Your branding will dominate a very popular "You Are Here" board which the visitors use to navigate their way around the show.

Price: €3,600.00 Exc VAT
Webinar & Online Conference Campaigns

Widen your reach by presenting an Online Webinar to world-wide trade professional audiences by targeting all our visitors from the last 3 shows.

Price: €3,400.00 Exc VAT
Mega Carpet Tiles (3m x 3m)

These eye-catching tiles will guide visitors straight to your stand. At 3m x 3m in size, they won't be missed!

Price: €3,400.00 Exc VAT
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